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Building Surveys, RICS Homebuyer Reports, Private Valuations

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Building Surveys in North East

We are a Husband and Wife team, providing professional construction advice to people across the North East. We aim to help people with their current or future homes.

We have extensive construction knowledge, with particularly in-depth knowledge of trees, foundations and drainage, along with Building Regulation and Planning advice being available.

We focus primarily on the Tees Valley area, but do provide services across the North East.

If you have any queries or questions please do not hesitate to contact us by phone, e-mail or the Contact form.

We offer :

Level 1 - Residential Valuations Click here for more detail

Level 2 - HomeBuyer Surveys Click here for more detail

Level 3 - Building Surveys Click here for more detail

Home Condition Reports Click here for more detail

Specific Building Advice Click here for more detail

Services Provided

There is considerable confusion as to what service some people require.

For most Property Purchasers a HomeBuyer is perfectly suitable, but certain properties (converted, very old or unusual construction types) require that a Building Survey is the only suitable survey. If you do not require any detail, then a Valuation may be sufficient.

We will try to guide you to the most appropriate service, but we will respect any instruction for a higher service, if it is permissible (we do have to follow RICS rules).

For Valuations we do need to know the purpose of the Valuation – Accounting, Bankruptcy, Valuation Challenge, Equity Consolidation, Inheritance Tax, Matrimonial, Purchase, Reinstatement or Rental Valuations.

For Home Owners, the RICS Home Condition Report can give you indications of issues with a property (useful for Landlords) or we also provide Specific Building Advice, for issues of cracking, dampness, creaks, or whatever is concerning you.

General Tips

Some clients wish to be present while the Surveyor is performing the survey. This can be accommodated but is often very distracting. A useful compromise, is for the client to meet the Surveyor at the property towards the end of the inspection. The Surveyor can then point out any particular observations on the spot, in advance of the production of the report.

If you are not able to meet the Surveyor at the site, then of course the next best alternative would be to speak to the Surveyor on the telephone as soon as possible after the Survey. It should be remembered that Surveyors can survey a large number of houses in a week and it is not realistic to expect the Surveyor to give an off the cuff verbal report weeks later.

Before placing an order with any Surveyor you should always ask them to confirm that they have adequate qualifications, accreditation, experience and insurance to perform the work.

If making structural changes to an existing building or if designing a new building, you will need to be in compliance with the current building regulations and you may need to submit information to your local Building Control authority. We can also offer guidance in this area, as we have considerable knowledge of the Local Authority processes, both Planning and Building Control.

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