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Clients opinions about Derek and AC Surveys

Client recommendations

The surveyor was fast and courteous in contact in us. They promised a 48 hour production of the survey report. They were true to their word and the survey was carried out on Tuesday and the report was received Wednesday night with a hardcopy through the post on Thursday. The report was easy to understand and covered most things which we required. Well impressed with AC Surveys. Ltd.
- M.S.

I thought your service was excellent and you were very helpful thank you for the swift turnaround
- H.B.

Thank you so much for my survey report. Your service has been outstanding and efficient and could not have wished for a more profession stress free outcome. I will, without hesitation recommend your service to family, friends and acquaintances in the future.
- K.F.

I think you gave us a great service, clear and concise understanding of our requirements. I would call you 'Ronseal', you do exactly as it says on the tin.
- D.H.

I would just like to say a huge 'thank you' to you and Mr Askew. As a first time buyer you took the time to explain and help me through the process. You didn't try force a 'sale' out of me and took care in your work. The job was done quickly and professionally. When and if I move again I will definitely be calling you first.
- K.J.

I was more than help with all the advice and help. The customer service was outstanding and for the price along with the how fast the report was sent to me I would have to see you more than exceed my expectations and I would be more than happy to use the service again.
- A.D.

An excellent website giving the layperson a good picture of what can be obtained. I chose AC Surveys Ltd for the simple reason that they were on the ball with my interest and where up front, polite and gave me a quote which I was happy with. The service that they gave was excellent and the survey itself and the report were very quick and comprehensive. At all times they acted in a professional manner. I would not hesitate in pointing other interested parties in their direction.
- Mr Ravenscroft

Thanks for a quick and professional survey will recommend to all.
- A Brown

Very impressed with the service you provided, top marks for all categories. I would certainly put your name forward to anyone asking for survey recommendations.
- LW

I received the report today and was impressed with the layout, easy to understand and professionally done. I would certainly recommend your company to any persons wishing to obtain a Homebuyers report. The cost was very competitive not the cheapest but well worth the money paid. Also the turnaround time was very fast.
- BS

I rang AC Surveys and the young lady was most helpful and I booked an appointment for later in the week. To my surprise a surveyor turned up approx 1 hour later to see what equipment he would need as it was a roofing problem I was enquiring about, he advised me that when the builder had finished his repairs that I should get in touch if I needed further advice . I am currently waiting for the builder to complete his repairs, when the weather gets warmer and should I need the services of A C SURVEYS I will have no hesitation in calling them. The surveyor said that as much as he would like to take my money it would be pointless until the repairs had been completed. It was nice to get professional advice without it costing me a fortune and like I said should I need them I will use A C Surveys.
- R Rought

I was put at rest with our initial telephone call, and the speed with which you attended our home for inspection was very impressive. I am happy with the service I received and the report as a result. I will highly recommend you.
- R Hammill

I donít think you could improve the service. The turnaround was exceptional. Many thanks.
- A Barrall

Really quick and efficient service and good detailed report.
- S Farnaby

The service you offer is excellent in every way and you will be the first port of call should we need a surveyor in the future.
- Y Shutt

I would have no hesitation in recommending your services again or recommending you to friends and family.
- A Coates

Thatís great many thanks for such a prompt report, Excellent service & happy to recommend.
- Z Stanton

We used Derek Askew at AC Surveys Ltd. I would have no hesitation in recommending Derek and Barbara: they were prompt, courteous and very professional and their services were priced competitively. Great service all round, thank you.
- Tom Grady

The web site worked well and I used AC Surveys. Both Barbara and Derek Askew were helpful, ready to answer questions and explain, giving a very professional service. I would recommend them completely.
- Anne Lomax

The web site worked well and I used AC Surveys (Derek Askew). Phone call received following day from AC Surveys and emails received from others. I booked with AC surveys and their service was excellent, the survey was done very quickly and the report received the following day by email and by post one day later. Many thanks.
- Lynn Goddard

I was extremely impressed with the service that I received from AC Surveys and I would highly recommend them. Pricing was very competitive. All responses to my queries were informative, and quickly dealt with. A sample survey was provided and the actual survey was carried out very quickly, with the detailed report sent to me within days! This is a stressful period for any purchaser and Mr Askew clarified, by email, any issues that I was unsure about in a professional and very supportive way, greatly reducing my anxiety levels! We have not moved in yet but I made sure that the survey will help in our maintenance and up-grading of the property. A great service!
- Chris Whittaker

Thank you for your very fast and efficient service you provided on our survey I will definitely recommend you to other people thanks again.
- Helen Calpin

Thank you for the quick response. Bungalow seems to be a good buy. Kind regards.
- Peter Butters

Thank you for the very prompt service. Best wishes.
- Ann Ramsay

The web site worked well and I used the services of AC Surveys. Their work was completed to my satisfaction.
- Phil Beech

I was very impressed with everything really and your website put me on the right track to getting a surveyor. I got Derek Askew to come to my home and he was a lovely man and put my mind at rest. Thanks
- J Williams

After I placed the request on the website, I quickly received phone calls from different companies. Because my time schedule, AC Survey did the job. It was quick and good. Many thanks for your service.
- Y Hong

The web site worked well, I placed an order with AC Surveys and their work was very satisfactory. Derek Askew from AC Surveys offered the best value for money. His service was very professional and the survey was completed within a very short timescale which was one of my main requirements.
- Robert Storey

Yes the website worked satisfactorily. I placed an order with AC Surveys. Yes the work was carried out well. A very useful service
- Graham

The website worked well. I placed an order with Derek Askew, AC Surveys and was totally satisfied with their work. The whole business was pain free and several hundred pounds cheaper than using the high street surveyor we nearly employed. Thank you.
- C Elliott

Yes the site was very helpful with a good choice of options. Yes we placed an order with Derek Askew of AC Surveys Ltd. The work was booked in the same day the estimates were received and Mr Askew was very thorough and professional. The appointment was made for the following Monday Mr Askew was punctual and the report was emailed to us the same day and a hard copy received the next day. The standard of the Surveyors is obviously very high and we would not hesitate to use you again but as we received such a professional reliable and speedy service from Mr Askew I would highly recommend him.
- Matthew

We were very satisfied with the service offered by your website and we engaged Derek Askew of Redcar to do a survey for us. He did a very quick, thorough job for us at a reasonable price. I always prefer to use local businesses whenever possible. So it worked for us.
- Kathy

Everything was satisfactory. An order was placed with AC Surveys. Derek Askew was very helpful and efficient.Regards
- Ms S from Eston

I had the survey done and it was fine had no problems at all with AC surveys Derek Askew of Redcar. Regards
- B.P.

In reply to your email. I did use the services of A C Surveys. I was contacted within ten minutes of viewing the site and had my survey carried out two days later. I have since carried out the work I wanted to do and was very happy with the experience. Thank you
- P. M

AC Surveys were very efficient, arranged to complete the survey very quickly. He did the survey and had posted the report the same day so that we got it in the post the next day, which we very impressed by.
- L Taylor

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